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Paying for Education Outcomes at Scale in India

Paying for Education Outcomes at Scale in India

Written by Emily Gustafsson-Wright and Izzy Boggild-Jones for Brookings and orginially posted on the Brookings website here. India faces considerable education challenges: More than half of children are unable to read and understand a simple text by the...

Year 1 Results Announcement

Year 1 Results Announcement

The world’s largest education Development Impact Bond enables 30% more students to overcome learning gaps and achieve basic literacy and numeracy skills in Year 1

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Webinar Recording - Paying for education outcomes at scale in India

Consortium members UBS Optimus, Gyan Shala and British Asian Trust were hosted by the Center for Universal Education (CUE) at Brookings for a webinar to explore the potential and limitations of utilizing impact bonds to improve learning outcomes in India.

Bridging the Human Capital Divide using Blended Finance | Charcha2020, May 2020

Using insights from the existing impact bond structures in India,  speakers shed light on the models that would be best suited for such structures in a post covid-19 world, where nonprofits need to innovate, and what it will take to get to these models off the ground quickly.

Innovative Finance in Education | Charcha2020, May 2020

The sector has long been about inputs rather than outcomes. A few innovative instruments have tried to change that. We talk about the role that non-traditional actors (like private equity and investment banks) can play.


Learnings from Year 1 | July, 2019


Catch up on our panel discussion from July 2019 examining the significance of the DIB’s first year results:

How DIB Ready is your Non-Profit | Charcha2020, May 2020

A workshop by consortium members Dalberg and Kaivalya Education Foundation at Charcha2020 to enable non-profit leaders to gain insights into fundraising through impact bond structures.