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Four years of QEI DIB 

Watch this inspiring video highlighting the work delivered by education providers who were pivitol to the success of the QEI DIB.

Read the final results infographic

Watch this webinar of the Year 2 results

Our knowledge collaborator, Center for Universal Education (CUE) at Brookings hosted a webinar last month, to share results and learnings from the first two years of QEI, unpack the key drivers behind the results and discuss the wider significance of impact bonds/other outcomes financing tools.

Panels comprising QEI ‘s core team and experts from the global impact bond and education sectors were full of great insights. Get more details on the speakers, the discussions and watch the recording via the link below.

Blogs & Reports 
Paying for Education Outcomes at Scale in India

Paying for Education Outcomes at Scale in India

Written by Emily Gustafsson-Wright and Izzy Boggild-Jones for Brookings and orginially posted on the Brookings website here. India faces considerable education challenges: More than half of children are unable to read and understand a simple text by the...

Year 1 Results Announcement

Year 1 Results Announcement

The world’s largest education Development Impact Bond enables 30% more students to overcome learning gaps and achieve basic literacy and numeracy skills in Year 1