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Implementing Partners

‘The Development Impact Bond enables us to demonstrate our education solutions at scale whilst thoroughly measuring our impact on children’s learning.’

  • Prof Pankaj Jain, Founder

‘Development Impact Bonds are ideally suited to driving quality because they call for clear targets and measurements – in this case, with a focus on improving learning outcomes.’

  • Vikas Khanna, Senior Program Manager
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‘Pratham Infotech Foundation and EI are excited to be joining the DIB and helping to improve outcomes for thousands of children. 

  • Pranav Kothari, Vice President (EI) & Prem Yadav, Co-founder & Program Director (PIF)

‘The DIB has motivated SARD to remain result-oriented and maximize impact through its school-based joyful learning centers. The outcome assessments by a third party, along with the support of the Performance Manager, has given SARD a new identity and competitive edge.’

  • Sudhir Bhatnagar, CEO

Risk Investor

‘Our clients are increasingly looking to invest their wealth to drive positive sustainable social change. They want their philanthropy to be strategic and focused on outcomes. For many this means exploring new giving vehicles like this development impact bond.’

  • Phyllis Costanza, CEO

Convener & Intermediary

‘A key advantage of the DIB is that donors only pay for success. This means the outcome funders will only pay for a programme that has achieved results and raised learning outcomes for hundreds of thousands of children.’

  • Richard Hawkes, CEO

Anchor Funder

‘Learning outcomes are the goals that students are supposed to accomplish at different grades. Accurate and timely measurement of progress towards these outcomes enables teachers to take corrective action and ensure students gain the competencies they need.’

  • Geeta Goel, Country Director India

Supported by

‘At Comic Relief we’re passionate about trying and testing new ways of funding social change. After the success of the Educate Girls DIB we were interested in how the model could work at scale, and the opportunity to learn alongside other funders involved in the DIB.’

  • Ruth Davison, Executive Director of Impact and Investment

‘We know that the quality of education provided for the world’s poorest is at crisis point. Focusing on learning outcomes ensures that the interventions and changes needed are properly targeted to generate clear results.’

  • Richard Meredith, Director of Programmes

Outcome Evaluator

‘Outcomes assessment is at the heart of the DIB – a small, but crucial piece that quantifies impact achieved.’ 

  • Sowmya Velayudham, CEO

Performance Manager

‘The Performance Manager plays the role of trusted advisor by working closely with all stakeholders to identify solutions in a timely manner, and draw lessons to refine the programme design.’

  • Gagandeep Nanda, Project Manager

Corporate Partner

‘Children’s learning outcomes are important to BT in India because we want to help empower the workforce of tomorrow. We’re very proud to be the sole corporate partner on the Quality Education India Development Impact Bond.’

  • Andy Wales, Chief Digital Impact & Sustainability Officer

Knowledge & Technical Partners

‘Unlike some results-based financing models, the DIB avoids cash flow challenges because the investor provides working capital. The focus on outcomes also allows implementing partners to adapt, based on continuous learning of what works.’

  • Kay Lau, Senior Research Manager

‘The Quality Education India DIB is the largest impact bond for education globally and is interesting in that it combines multiple NGO implementing partners with a variety of interventions as well as multiple outcome funders.’

  • Emily Gustafsson-Wright, Fellow

Legal Partners

Advisory Board

Adil Zainulbhai

Chairman, Quality Council of India

Zia Mody

Founding Partner, AZB & Partners

Sonal Shah

Founding Executive Director, Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation

Nicholas Burnett

Senior fellow, Results for Development