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The Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) highlight massive gaps in grade-appropriate learning levels. Teacher absenteeism and low levels of teaching activity are visible problems.

The quality of education is dependent on a fractured system, with no coherent dialogue among key stakeholders. The system and leadership are ill-prepared to engage with children, parents, and decision-makers in the community. For instance, in government schools, senior teachers are eligible to become principals after just two days of administrative training.

Under the QEI DIB, Kaivalya Education Foiundation (KEF) implements a School Leadership Development Program that works with four key stakeholders – Headmasters/Principals, Teachers, Education Officers and communities. The impact of this interventions is multi-fold. Developing Headmaster Leadership creates a cohesive learning environment for students and a professionally encouraging environment for teachers to contribute to a student learning. Developing teachers through workshops and field support improves their pedagogy skills and classroom engagement. Improving school processes strengthens reading abilities of a child and instils confidence. Mobilizing community creates a support system for the child after school hours enabling home-learning. This builds trust between school and community.

The above transformation results in large-scale systematic changes. Principals and teacher skill development in pedagogy and school processes is a sustainable process that creates positive impact even after the program graduates from the schools.


Aditya Natraj, CEO, KEF

“The DIB’s incentivisation of student outcomes allows us to constantly invest additional resources in improving our technology and processes and build a performance-oriented culture in the organisation and an outcome-oriented culture in the schools we serve.” 

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About Kaivalya Education Foundation

Kaivalya Education Foundation (KEF) is a change management organization, working in the space of Primary Education Transformation since 2008. KEF works to improve students learning outcome across 14 states, 30+ districts; directly & indirectly impacting 800K+ teachers & 20 million+ children. Kaivalya’s mission is to improve the life chances of 94 million children by 2025. It has developed and designed School Transformation Concepts that can be scaled and impact School managements at State, District and Cluster level.